Help Us Protect The Badger

To publicise the increasing strength of public feeling against the proposed cull of badgers in the West Country, the Somerset Badger Group have produced this flyer. If our joint efforts to stop the slaughter do not succeed, it is only a matter of weeks before this group and their neighbours in Gloucestershire will endure the sound of gunfire as their badgers meet a pitiful death. If these so called pilot trials take place and are deemed successful, the badgers some of you have protected for so many years will also be targeted by shooters.

Asking people to sign the petition at is something we can all do. It is something we must do for the sake of the badgers in the West country and for some of you, to enable the continued protection of the badgers in your area. Please spend half an hour each day, searching out people who may not already be aware of this potential and merciless slaughter and ask them to add their signature. At present, the signatures have increased to 184,932 which is a significant increase since Somerset Badger Group drafted their note. We and the many other organisations who are asking their supporters for similar help, want to achieve at least 250,000 signatures but 300,000 would be better. It will be a powerful indication to Parliament - both those in Government and the Opposition - that public opinion is strongly against a badger cull. I shall not repeat all the arguments here, you already know what they are or if you need to refresh your memory, please visit the Badger Trust website.

Your help is essential - please do not delay and do everything you can to publicise the petition widely before the end of April 2013. Use all your resources, including social media, to continually remind people of the threat to the badgers throughout a large part of England.

Thank you.
David Williams,